YOUR FAV SONG (guitar)/Chocomoo


VINYLS Exhibition Part 1
Chocomoo" YOUR FAV SONG (Guitar)" Soft Vinyl Includes edition number and artist's special ZINE

VINYLS is an original soft vinyl brand created by the soft vinyl team "Hollow Kobo", which was founded by "Ken Elephant".

As the 1 edition of ``VINYLS'' (vinyls), which has the theme of soft vinyl as an ``art piece'' that is not a toy, and soft vinyl as a ``work''. YOUR FAV SONG (Guitar)/Chocomoo has been released. Limited sales have started at the VINYL EC store!

Width 16cm, height 29.5cm
*Approximate size.
Illustrator from Kyoto. His unique feature is that all of his unique POP works are drawn in monochrome. He collaborates with apparel brands and companies in Japan and other countries, and provides art to various artists. He is also active in a wide range of scenes, participating in ART Shows both in Japan and abroad.
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