Henry / 2nd color / Kamerian.




Henry / 2nd color / Kamerian.』

March 26th (Sat) 08:00~Sales start

"Henry" was unveiled for the first time at the solo exhibition "FLASH" held at VINYL.
Magnets are embedded in the joints, allowing you to change parts and mix with other colors.

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[This work uses neodymium magnets]

Children and those who require supervision are absolutely prohibited Keep out of reach.
● Accidental swallowing of magnets can lead to life-threatening accidents. If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor and follow the instructions.
●Do not use this product if you have an implanted electronic medical device such as a cardiac pacemaker. Also, please do not get close to the person wearing it. There is a risk of equipment malfunction.

●Keep away from electronic devices such as mobile phones, analog watches, magnetic cards, etc. There is a danger that the memory contents will be destroyed.
●Please be careful when bringing parts with built-in magnets close to each other. Fingers and skin may be pinched and injured.

Edition (ED10)
with zine



Kamerian. Kamerian

Working as a graphic artist in Japan and overseas. Influenced by tattoo art, anime, and manga, she creates a fairy-tale and perverted world view with strong outlines and colors.


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