Chica chan & Matoko san 2nd color/ CHIKA TAKEI《Up to 1 item per person》


Chica chan & Matoko san 2nd color
[With ZINE/Special box included]
"Chica chan & Matoko san" is the first three-dimensional product of Chika Takei's work.

The box design is by Yoshihiro Manate of WATERS/ORGASMO. The prototype is Mirokutoi.

"Chica" means "girl" in Spanish. His work is faithfully made into soft vinyl, and the set includes a finger puppet "Matoko san".

This time's color is the 2nd color.
This was created in commemoration of Chika Takei's solo exhibition "Fantasy" which will be held from February 24th (Thursday) to March 5th.

Produced in-house soft vinyl studio "Hollow Kobo" in Tokyo.
No edition
(Chica chan) W115mm ✕ H210mm
(Matoko san) W45mm ✕ H65mm
*Size is approximate size
Illustrator. She is active in a wide range of activities, including providing works for various media such as books, magazines, posters, online advertisements, and TV program studio design, as well as holding solo exhibitions both domestically and internationally. She expresses herself using female motifs, and her colors are pop and colorful, but she depicts a variety of emotions.

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