Dragon/Wizard Set / Block A / Wakana Yamazaki


Block A color of illustrator Wakana Yamazaki's art pieces "Dragon" and "Wizard".
This product faithfully reproduces a unique two-dimensional work.
The dragon is particular about its mouth and hands, and has achieved a form that is originally difficult to express with soft vinyl. The same is true for magicians, and based on the experience of Hollow Workshop, we have made it possible to faithfully create three-dimensional figures by dividing methods and calculating the shrinkage rate.

Colors produced for the "TaipeiToyFestival (TTF)" to be held in Taipei, Taiwan in December 2022.

・Edition included (ED25)

with ZINE
llustrator Wakana Yamazaki's art piece "Dragon" and "Wizard" Block A.

This product is a faithful three-dimensional version of her unique two-dimensional artwork. The dragon's hand and mouth, which are originally difficult to express in soft vinyl, have been carefully sculpted.
The same goes for the wizard. Based on CHUKU KOUBOU experience, the division method and the calculation of the shrinkage rate made it possible to create a faithful three-dimensional figure.

Colors produced for the TaipeiToyFestival (TTF) held in Taipei, Taiwan in December 2022.

Signed / numbered edition/
An original zine is included.

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Dragon The Dragon: H205mm, W260mm, D220mm
Wizard The Wizard: H156mm, W57mm, D84mm

Wakana Yamazaki

Illustrator based in Tokyo,Japan.
A member of Tokyo Illustrators Society.
Working mainly for editorial, advertising, website and fashion industry.

Born in 1985 in Chiba. She graduated from Kuwasawa Design School.
She specializes in bright colors and humorous characters, and creates her own world with ballpoint pens and digital art. She is active in a wide range of genres in Japan and overseas, including mural paintings, apparel, comics, and animation, with a focus on advertising.

She provides illustrations for the fashion brand PUNYUS and artworks for musicians such as KANA-BOON. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Solo Exhibition
2019 Solo Exhibition "ZONE" SPACE YUI
2017 Solo Exhibition "SPACE DEBRIS Space Debris" Harajuku Gallery Le Monde
2016 Solo Exhibition "Buguru." Omotesando HB Gallery
2013 Solo Exhibition "Dystopia" Shinjuku BEAMS JAPAN 6F B Gallery
2013 Solo Exhibition "oh! Cult" Omotesando HB Gallery
2010 Solo Exhibition "Poison World" Harajuku lapnet ship

https:/ /

©Wakana Yamazaki


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