DJ TACO / unpainted ver. / YAMADA ZOMBIE



『DJ TACO / unpainted ver. / YAMADA ZOMBIE』

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Soft vinyl presented at YAMADA ZOMBIE's solo exhibition "Life with DJ TACO" held at VINYL.

YAMADA ZOMBIE is an illustrator who is popular among the younger generation. She has released unique characters one after another into the world, and the one that stands out is "DJ TACO". It was born from the novel idea that if an eight-legged octopus were to become a DJ, he would definitely perform amazing tricks.

A work expressed with the color and gloss of soft vinyl itself.
Unlike the painted version, it has a cute TOY-like finish.



YAMADA ZOMBIE / Yamada Zombie

Illustrator. Draw humorous characters with POP. He works on magazines, corporate characters, CD/record jackets for numerous artists, and merchandise illustrations. He is also good at handwritten pop letters.


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