Akaneya Nami / A SOAKING GIRL Marble Blue✕Yellow



Original soft vinyl "A SOAKING GIRL Marble Blue x Yellow"』

Today as well, you continue to work calmly every day, and even if there are happy or sad things, you calmly deal with them by yourself.
Even on a small day when no one praises you, SOAKING GIRL will always be by your side. At home or in the corner of your workplace, there are guardians peeking their heads out and praising you.

Even if I have a day when things don't go well in my daily life, this SOAKING GIRL will gently come out of the ground and watch over me, comfort me, praise me, and be there for me. I created it with the feeling that it is someone close to me who sees my hard work every day.

Material: ATBC-PVC


*This soft vinyl does not have eyes hand-painted by the artist.

*Maximum of 2 items per person.
*Limited to two item per person.



Artist. She graduated from Tama Art University, majoring in oil painting. She mainly creates her works with girls as motifs. She is currently creating works based on themes such as things and things she has discovered that have moved her, as well as chronic illnesses (no big deal).


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