Akane Nama / A SOAKING GIRL Glow in the Dark (GID)

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" Original Sofubi A SOAKING GIRL Glow in the Dark (GID)”

Today as well, you continue to carry on your work indifferently every day, and even if there are happy and sad things, you will quietly parry them by yourself.
Soaking Girl will always be by your side, even on such a trivial day that no one can praise you. At home, in the corner of the workplace, there are all the Mamoriga who gently peep their heads and praise you.

Even if there are days when things don't go your way, this SOAKING GIRL will slip out of the ground and watch over you. I made it with the feeling that it is a familiar presence that will properly see your hard work.

material: ATBC-PVC


* This soft vinyl does not have hand-painted eyes by the artist.

* Up to 1 point per person.
*Limited to one item per person.

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Akane Nami / AYAKA HAMA

Artist. Graduated from Tama Art University, majoring in oil painting. Mainly produces works with girls as motifs. Currently, I am working on the theme of things and things that I have discovered and impressed, chronic diseases (no big deal), etc.


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