SHELTERBANK / POLES TALLS《Up to 5 items per person》




Collaboration product between Shelter Bank and Hollow Workshop

Forms: 5 types ✕ Colors: 10 colors each
All can be stacked.

*Up to 5 items per person.
*Blind box, color and pattern cannot be specified.


Collaboration between SHELTERBANK and CHUKUKOBO

Shape: 5 types ✕ Color: 10 colors each
Everything can be stacked.

*Limited to 5 items per person.
*Blind box, color and pattern not specified.




SHELTERBANK / Shelter Bank

Managed SHOP SHELTERBANK since 2003. He has worked in TOY, apparel production, and event planning before reaching his current position. In recent years, he has used his shop as a workshop to design TOY products and produce them entirely from scratch.

He has been running Shop Shelterbank since 2003, and has worked in toy and apparel production and event planning. In recent years, he has turned his store into a workshop where he designs toys and produces them from scratch.

instagram @shop_shelter


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