Rafflesia / Lavender lemon Solbet / ANZ



When it smells beautiful like heaven
Rafflesia must be nearby
There is a day when the flowers are closed only once every 10 years
It smells so bad on that day

The event will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in December 2022. Colors produced for the "TaipeiToyFestival (TTF)".

・With ZINE

Colors produced for the TaipeiToyFestival (TTF) held in Taipei, Taiwan in December 2022.
An original zine is included.



From Tokyo. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design Institute. From 2006 to 2019, he designed and produced handmade stuffed animals and accessories as a creative unit Atelier odeco. In addition, she is active in various places such as corporate characters, goods design, and art piano production.

In recent years, he has expanded the world of the mysterious inhabitants of the mysterious island "Rice Ball Island" into paintings and various products.

2020 Ken Elephant releases his first soft vinyl from Hollow Studio's soft vinyl brand "VINYLS" 2021 Releases collaboration stamps with stamp maker Samby

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