Butka & Mysterious Creature (Little Child) Resin Figure / Keiko Miyagawa




Weak beings are everywhere. However, society values ​​being strong and having a loud voice, and only listens to that voice. I want you to never forget the small voice beside you. Because you are living strong and strong.
The mysterious small creature with two heads, called ``Kakashika'' and ``everyone,'' is a symbol of these weak people, and it expresses affirmation of the existence of weak people. I am.

September 2022 solo exhibition "She's good even if she's weak"
Works exhibited at @VINYL GALLERY

Edition 10
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But W95×H180×D145mm
Mysterious creature W40×H50×D40mm
Weight: 900 g
Cetic Resin
Keiko Miyagawa / Keiko Miyagawa

Born in 1991. In 2016, she graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School of Fine Arts.
She uses a variety of media, including 2D, 3D, installation, and poetry, to create works that express her thoughts about the state of human and animal life, as well as resonance and empathy for small and fragile beings. In recent years, she has held solo exhibitions at the Aomori Museum of Art and the Hiratsuka City Museum of Art, and won Yoshitomo Nara's Young Artist Selection Project PHASE 2014.

©Keiko Miyagawa

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