Buster One off / Kazuki kato ✕ Kamerian.



Kazuki kato ✕ Kamerian. A one-of-a-kind collaboration piece.
Kazuki kato customized and painted the soft vinyl body of Kamerian.'s Umashika Henry.
Magnets are embedded in the joints, allowing parts to be replaced.
Kazuki kato × Kamerian.Signed
[This work uses neodymium magnets]

●It is absolutely out of reach of children and those who require supervision. Please store it in a place where it is not exposed.
●If a magnet is accidentally swallowed, it may lead to a life-threatening accident. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and follow instructions.
●Do not use this product if you are wearing an implantable medical electronic device such as a cardiac pacemaker. Also, please do not approach people who are wearing it. There is a risk of equipment malfunction.

●Keep away from electronic devices such as mobile phones, analog clocks, magnetic cards, etc. There is a risk of memory contents being destroyed.
●Please be careful when bringing parts containing magnets close together. There is a risk of injury by pinching your fingers or skin.


Kazuki kato / Kato Kazuki

I create works where ``what I like'' and ``art'' intersect, using monsters, toys, manga, etc. as motifs.
He is also active as a member of the group [Emodasacheep], which consists of three artists, and [Maruf Department Store], which sells portraits and works.

Kamerian. Kamerian

Active as a graphic artist both domestically and internationally. Influenced by tattoo art, anime, and manga, he creates a fairy-tale-like and perverted view of the world with strong outlines and colors.


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