Bakeneko octopus (two tails) / VINYL Limited color / Sangatsu Honpo


The cat is entwined with the octopus!
This is a cat with two tails.

*The shape is different from the one-tailed Bakeneko sold at VINYL stores. please note.
Height: 110mm
Sunguts Honpo / Ichimiya Tadayoshi
Born on January 16, from Hyogo Prefecture
Made a number of independent films while studying at a university
Joined an advertising production company in Tokyo in 1991
Supervise CM and VP as a director
Started making soft vinyl sculptures in July 2000
Independent as a freelance director in January 2003
Increase the number of modeled items
Holding solo and joint exhibitions since 2008
In July 2010, he opened his shop and office Sangatsu Factory
■ Video production
(TV-CM, R-CM, VP, V-cine, PV, etc.)
■ Modeling
Prototype production and manufacturing of soft vinyl dolls
(In addition to original characters, there are also copyrighted works such as Mizuki Shigeru Mysterious Manga Retsuden)
Production of props for filming
("Returning Prescription Police" Puku-chan, etc.)
■ Design
Company/product image character design

Just as many artists use wood carving, plaster, glass, etc. to create and use works, they are particular about the material soft vinyl, I'm making a character with a motif of strange shapes such as

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