Iron Monkey No. 1 / green / KIK.KAKE TOY


This is the main character of KIK.KAKE TOY, Tetsuzaru No.1. The Tetsuzaru series begins with this first issue. This time, the standard cymbal ver. "Crown makeup" is still the third time in the successive coloring of Tetsuzaru. It is a very rare item.

This is a green color.

Body: H220mm
Weight: 150 g

KIK.KAKE TOY/Atsushi Kotaki

Since 2010, as a soft vinyl maker, I started modeling activities with an awareness of the #designer's toy category. While opening a store at events and exhibitions, we convert various original characters into soft vinyl and deliver works to collectors around the world.
2018 Solo exhibition "MONKEY DAYS" at Hong Kong VVC
2019 Solo exhibition "MONKEY DAYS #2" at VVC in Hong Kong
Solo exhibition "All You Need Is MASK!" held at NY Clutter Gallery in 2020

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