Delivery Clown Monkey / TeTe / KIK.KAKE TOY


This is a series called ``Delivery Monkey'' that was created based on the concept of ``a monkey that escaped from a showcase.''
There is a ``strong magnet'' on the back of the balloon, so please paste it with a ``message'' on the refrigerator or somewhere in your room.
Maybe he flew in a balloon to carry a message for you.

Body H170mm, balloon H100mm
Weight: 140 g

KIK.KAKE TOY/Kotaki Atsushi

Since 2010, as a soft vinyl maker, we have started our modeling activities with the #designertoy category in mind. While exhibiting at events and exhibitions, we turn various original characters into soft vinyl and deliver our works to collectors around the world.
2018 Solo exhibition “MONKEY DAYS” held at VVC, Hong Kong
2019 Solo exhibition “MONKEY DAYS #2” held at VVC, Hong Kong
In 2020, solo exhibition “All You Need Is MASK!” will be held at NY Clutter Gallery

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